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Step-by-step consulting services for filing your VA claim.

Welcome to Top & Chief Veterans Affairs Consultants

Welcome to Top & Chief Veterans Affairs Consultants

Veteran consulting services for navigation of the VA claims system. Don't pay thousands of dollars of your compensation benefits or back pay to other companies out to make a profit off of disabled veterans. Talk to Top and Chief about our ENTIRELY free services. As General James H. Doolittle said; "Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer."

Top and Chief work solely off of donations, which are not required, but appreciated. This enables us continue to help fellow Veterans like you.

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Featured Packages

Featured Packages
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Basic Training/Boot Camp/Basic Military Training/Recruit Training

Suggest Donation $20

Your donation helps keep this a free service for our fellow Veterans.

A one-hour class with Chief that breaks down the VA as a whole and all the steps to filing a new claim or increasing your current one. Class size limited to 10.

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Coffee with Chief

Suggest Donation $50

Your donation helps keep this a free service for our fellow Veterans.

A onetime one-hour consultation with Chief on your primary concerns, how to service connect injuries and your time to ask any questions.

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Suggest Donation $200

Your donation helps keep this a free service for our fellow Veterans.

A complete review of your medical records to determine if you have any missed claims or items to increase your current ratings. Top and Chief have HIPPA compliant e-mail services and storage if you submit your records to us electronically. Arrangements may also be made for hard copies if necessary. A one-hour one-on-one consultation is included in this package.

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Talk With TOP

Talk With TOP

Chat With Chief?

Chat With Chief?

About Us

About Us
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Our Mission

Our mission is to consult with Veterans dealing with the VA Compensation and Pension benefits. We completely embody honesty, integrity, and selfless service. We will conduct ourselves in that same matter with our veterans.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to help every veteran receive the VA benefits they deserve and have earned through their time in service. We want to empower veterans with the knowledge to be successful with the VA. Honesty, integrity, and selfless service. No veteran is left behind.

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Top and Chief are a dual military husband and wife team that own and operate Top and Chief VA Consultants. You will have direct communication with them, not staff or team who does not understand your unique concerns as a veteran. A male and female option for your consultant also gives you a choice to speak with whomever you are most comfortable with! We get it because we have been in your boots.

How We Work

How We Work

Make Contact With Us.

Call Us. Gather information. Develop a plan. File an Intent to File.


Medical Record Review

Medical record review and consultation with Top and Chief. Schedule appointments. Attend appointments. Collect medical evidence.


Document Review

Document(s) review and consultation with Top and Chief. Client will submit claim. Wait.


C&P Exam Education

C&P Exam education and consultation with Top and Chief. Go to C&P exams. Wait. (5)

Check Status

Client will check status with VA and receive decision