Details on Services

Details on Services

Make Contact With Us

Send us an message or an e-mail to get started. We will send you an intake form and arrange a one-on-one consultation. Together we will develop your plan based on your individual needs. If applicable you will then file your Intent to File with the VA.


Document Review

If needed, Top and Chief will consult with you one-on-one about any documents you need in support of your claims. When the client is ready, THE CLIENT will submit their claim. And then... wait.


Medical Record Review

If needed, Top and Chief will consult with you one-on-one about your medical records, potential claims, and service connections. The client will schedule and attend any necessary medical appointments and collect any documents from their providers.


C&P Exam Education

When/if you are scheduled with C&P exams, make contact with Top and Chief. If applicable, schedule a one-on-one consultation for education about what C&P exams entail. (5)

Check Status

Client will check status with VA and receive decision. The hardest part. Waiting on the VA for the decision.

Need to Know

Need to Know

An Intent to file starts the clock on your claim. This allows you 12 months to get your evidence together and submit it. If you submit prior to the deadline, you could get back pay from the date you filed. You can do a hard copy and mail/fax it in or do it online.

You need this form to file a claim. This can be filled out and mail/fax in. Or you can submit it online.

The below link will take you to to download the form from the VA's website to have the most up-to-date version.

For every Claim you want to submit, there is a VA Form that needs to be completed. The VA has public-facing forms. You need to know your diagnosis in order to find the correct DBQ.

38 CFR part 4 is the federal law that covers all the criteria for the hundreds of diagnoses that are filed with the VA. Know your diagnosis and do a word search. View what the rating is for your diagnosis.

This is the VAs explanation for the claims process.

This is the main VAs website.

This is another VA site that will help you with a lot of different aspects of your benefits

This website is where the VA has most of your medical records and has secure messaging. Secure messaging is hugely important.

You will need a premium account in order to do most things.